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Established in 2005, Stair Lift Comparison evolved to provide those looking to purchase a stairlift an opportunity to compare stairlifts saving on the purchase price.

Use our service to request a no obligation quotation from reputable Stair Lift companies who cover your district. It’s free, quick and without obligation.

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We have processed over 53,000 comparison price requests since 2005.

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Stairlift Comparison is completely FREE of charge to you.

The stairlift companies we work with pay us if you purchase a stairlift. Our promise is to provide you with independent, unbiased buying information that will enable you to choose the right provider.

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Did you know…

How is the stairlift fitted?
The stairlift track is fitted to the steps not the wall.

Can others use the stairs?
You can still use the stair when a stairlift is fitted as the seat folds up giving plenty of space to use the stairs.

How do it get off the stairlift?
You alight the stairlift at the top by swiveling the seat so you can exit safely.

Do they look ok?
Many owners are concerned about the ascetics of the stairlift, but modern lifts are compact, the seat can be folded up. You call also have the seat resting upstairs and call down when needed.

I thought I'd lose my independence once I had a stairlift fitted. In fact, it's the total opposite. I have more confidence and wish I'd had one installed sooner in my home.

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